Wilderlands Skull and Shackles

November 3, 2016 Session

From Hell's Heart

duppy.jpgHaving defeated the incorporeal spirits, the party moved back into the chamber containing the funerary/sacrificial stone slab. They briefly debated resting there for the day, to recover their strength, but ultimately concluded that it would be best to continue on. That decided, Yorak checked a set of double-doors opposite the crypt room.

draugr.jpgBeyond the doors the cave curved around a corner into a larger crypt, one flooded in one corner with a pool of dark water. While discussing the path forward, the group observed four rotting bodies emerge from the pool. The figures appeared to be the decomposing remains of pirate captains, with glowing red eyes. An obscuring mist enveloped both the living and the undead draugr, but Yorak, Grok, and Arkin still made quick work of their enemies.

After a brief search, Yorak discovered a secret door at one end of the room leading to another rough-hewn tunnel. The winding tunnel moved in the general direction of the northeast, and came to an abrupt dead-end. Arkin was able to uncover the hidden catch of a second secret door.


Peeking through, Yorak observed a large vaulted chamber with several doors. He also noticed an enormous metal contraption mounted with a canon standing in front of a pair of double-doors. Unfortunately, the canon cannon golem also observed Yorak in that same moment. With surprising rapidity, the golem turned toward the secret entrance and Yorak heard a loud “click-click” before being slammed with two cannonballs fired from the golem’s appendage. Milo began summoning while Arkin reached out to hold on to the rest of the party and opened a dimension door to the unknown chamber behind the canon cannon golem.

A canon golem would definitely be non-canon in this setting :p

piratesniper.jpgThe party split, Arkin’s group popped into being in a narrow room, a set of double-doors behind them and a set in front. They had a few seconds to observe that the walls on either side of them were lined with arrow slits before several posts popped up in the middle of the room and started swinging around a series of razor-sharp blades, injuring several party-members. This assault was almost immediately followed up by a barrage of crossbow bolts fire from behind the arrow slits. Thinking fast, Ulmira opened a hole in the left-hand wall with stoneshape, allowing the party to pass through and giving them access to the group of elf snipers firing at them.

bebilith.pngMeanwhile, Milo completed his summoning spell, bringing into being a huge bebilith directly in front of the canon cannon golem. The bebilith engaged with the golem, attacking it with its spider-like claws and fangs before Milo himself used a dimension door to join the rest of his group. Milo, too, was injured by the whirling blades and the crossbow bolts from the snipers on the other side of the hallway before making his way through the portal opened by Ulmira. Together again, the party made quick work of the now-visible snipers. Not wanting to wait for the inevitable defeat of his bebilith or the likely appearance of even more enemies, Milo ordered Arkin to use another dimension door to move the party beyond the hallway and followed them immediately.

The party now faced yet another rough-hewn tunnel descending downwards, though they could smell salt air coming from below and hear the gentle lapping of waves. Before moving down the corridor, in an effort to slow down any pursuit, Arkin used manacles to secure the doors behind them while Yorak jammed the locking mechanisms.

Coming to a small beach with a wooden pier, the tunnel itself opened up into a large sea cave rough sixty feet across and an unknown distance long. To get a better view, Arkin cast daylight on an arrow before firing it into the air. A loud bell clanged in response from somewhere in the space beyond; a surprise attack was unlikely.



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