Wilderlands Skull and Shackles

December 28, 2016 Session

From Hell's Heart

kerdak.jpgNo one is surprised when the party defeats the Hurricane King. Perhaps it’s surprising that a second level spell contributes so much his defeat. Regardless, it is the sword of a slayer that deals the final blow.

Afterwards, Arkin delivers the following speech to the pirate council:

arkin.jpg“Friends, Members of the Council, assembled scallywags, sailors, and above all – PIRATES!


These past several months have been unprecedented, tumultuous, and highly disruptive to regular order. I speak now in favor of bringing an end to the tumult, reestablishing regular order, and for going back to drinking rum and collecting booty!

The reign of the Pirate King has come to an end, and it is time to usher in a new reign and a new king. And while I can think of many admirable candidates (looks directly at the Master of Gales). Please allow me to briefly advocate for my friend, my captain, Captain Milo!

Captain Milo will lead the Pirate Council the way he has lead his crew, with strong visionary-leadership. With the advice of the Council Captain Milo will seek to bring in a new tide; a tide that will lift all ships for the advancement of all our fellow pirates.

Gone are the days of a king who could do nothing quite so well as protect his own rule. Gone are the days of occupying only the areas of the ocean the Viridians tolerate us to sail!

With deep respect for the old ways, the ways that brought us this far! Captain Milo will also bring fresh ideas, bold leadership, and a willingness to to try new strategies that will bring Free Captains to heights unseen in this modern world!

But, for now, enough of politics. There will be time enough to tell each other pretty lies. For now . . . THERE’S RUM TO DRINK!

Drink deeply, and be well!”

As a result of this speech, not to mention the fact that he now wears the Hurricane Crown (the best hat ever), the council proclaims Milo the new Hurricane King. Zarina declares this is what Besmara intended all along.




December 28, 2016 Session
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