Chaotic Neutral Gnome Sorcerer (Aquatic Bloodline)


Played by Ben

  • Milo has Besmara’s Blessing: He was born aboard a ship at sea or down by the docks in a port city on an auspicious day. Old salts and sea dogs nod knowingly and say that Besmara the Pirate Queen, goddess of piracy, sea monsters, and strife, has marked him for a greater destiny. He doesn’t know anything about that, but he’s always felt more at home on the sea than on land, and his keen eyes can easily pick out a sail on the distant horizon.
  • Milo was picked up from a raft made of shipwreck debris by the Wormwood during the June 18, 2014 session. He was a passenger aboard a ship of the Tarantine Merchants’ Association, sailing from Tarantis and headed for Rallu (in search of his destiny, like it says in the background trait). In the open ocean, the ship was overtaken by a huge storm out of the northeast and begin to break apart. He was not sure exactly what happened after that, but he’d been floating on the debris for a couple of days.


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