Kerdak Bonefist

Ghinoran Human Fighter/Inner Sea Pirate


A blustery man with long black hair and beard, Bonefist looks more pirate than king, forgoing his crown and royal regalia for the long coat and tricorne hat of a sea captain. A tankard of rum rarely leaves his hand, but his most noteworthy features are his magic pistol and his skeletal right hand, the source of his sobriquet.


As the thirteenth Hurricane King, Kerdak Bonefist has enjoyed nearly 4 decades of unprecedented success in piracy and unquestioned rule of the seas, but as years pass without Bonefist seeming to age at all, many Free Captains whisper that he has held on to the Hurricane Crown for too long, and that new blood is needed to revitalize Rallu.

Thus far, the PCs have met the Hurricane King twice: first, at the feast where he granted them their letter of marque as Free Captains and, second, at the Pirate Council meeting where they became full members of that august body. On both occasions, Kerdak quickly bored of the proceedings, displaying more interest in grog and/or “comfort of arms.”

Kerdak Bonefist

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