Arkin Doln

Lawful Evil Mixed Human Bard (Sea Singer)


Played by Andy


Shortly after Arkin’s mother died, times were even tougher than usual, and his father sold his pretty (but stupid) younger half-elf sister to slavers. Arkin never forgave his father for that, but neither did he shed any tears for his sister. He was disgusted that she would be so weak as to allow such a thing to happen in the first place, and further disgusted when he learned she hadn’t even survived the sea voyage after she’d been sold.

Not long after his sister’s death, Arkin left his father’s house to attempt to make it on his own. After failing miserably at a few odd jobs (blacksmith’s assistant, and bar back just weren’t for him), he started working in the kidnapping industry. Mostly pretty (stupid) young ladies destined for the sex trade – Arkin simply hurried along the inevitable. He discovered he had a natural ease with women, and a silver tongue. By the time he was done chatting the dumb cows up, they very nearly walked into his net willingly. He rose in the ranks of kidnappers quickly, even getting the occasional “special request” from a nobleman or otherwise well-healed dolt who had the connections to find him. He never lost any sleep over what became of his victims. Once sold, the only memory he had of them was the clink of gold in his pocket.

It was on a “special request” mission that Arkin’s career took a decidedly dramatic turn. He was to collect some young tart who had the good fortune of being the right person’s daughter, or niece, or whatever it was – an incestuous lot the upper crust. He discovered her in one of the roughest alehouses in the area, chatting up a bunch of sea dogs who were drooling at the sight of her (literally in some cases). Her name was Willa, and Arkin had no trouble getting her attention. Good looks were about all he was born with, and the only thing his perpetually indebted father couldn’t take from him. He was charmed to discover that she could match his wit, and was the slightest bit disappointed when the time came to put her in his net. But like all the others, she went in easily enough. Unlike all the others, however, she didn’t stay in very easily at all! She cut her way out almost immediately with a dagger she produced from thin-air as far as Arkin could tell, and very nearly killed him. Her skill, and her rage proved intoxicating to Arkin – he was thoroughly in love.

As it turns out, rich men of importance don’t mind you kidnapping for them, but kidnapping one of their own for yourself tends to raise a great deal of attention. Worse still, the local slave traders and sex traffickers don’t appreciate their kidnappers making off with the goods – bad for business. Consequently, Arkin and Willa found themselves on the run from the word “go.” They made a good show of it for a few weeks, but the gold ran out quickly, and being on the run without gold and very little time to make more – well, it isn’t easy. They were captured. The people Arkin worked for, and with, may not be known for their mercy, but they do know how to make an impression. Willa was promptly killed as Arkin was forced to watch. Arkin himself was set free and in a cliche he could only assume was intentional, was told he’d never work in this town again. Cliche or not, it proved accurate.

“Hmmm, no gold, and no job prospects.” he thought wryly to himself, “I guess it’s back to squalor then.” No matter, Arkin knew how to do squalor, it was the only useful thing his father ever taught him.

  • Arkin’s father is still alive
  • Arkin has 1 older human sister, 1 older half-elf brother, and 1 younger half-elf sister
  • Arkin had a Lower-Class Birth: he was born among peasants or slum denizens. He grew up working the land around a village or manor, practicing a rudimentary trade, or begging in a settlement.
  • Arkin’s parents were serfs or peasants
  • During his childhood, Arkin Fell in with a Bad Crowd: he ran with a brutal, evil, or sadistic crowd. He might have belonged to a gang, a thieves’ guild, or some other nefarious organization. It was easy to cave in to pressure and do whatever they told him to do, and him outlook is colored by moral ambiguity.

Arkin Doln

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