Wilderlands Skull and Shackles

September 14, 2016 Session

From Hell's Heart

Peppery_Longfarthing.jpgFinalizing preparations for the upcoming battle, Milo teleported everyone to Ludgates to buy another sailing ship, putting Peppery Longfarthing in charge of the new vessel. Arkin also worked to recruit a mercenary squad of three sailing ships, lead by Captain Terow Melk. Having heard that Sunev might also have vessels for sale the party then teleported there, buying a second ship. All vessels were directed to reconnoiter rally at Tidewater Rock for assignment to a squad and preparation for battle.

Regarding the use of “reconnoiter,” I cannot resist saying “I don’t think it means what you think it means.” Definition

magaav.jpgOn the 11th of Sunstrong, the Viridian armada was spotted on the horizon. Before the two fleets could engage, eight demons devils appeared hovering around the Sea Reaver. They attacked the crew with bows, causing panic. Visk was the first to suspect that the devils on the port side of the vessel were merely illusions, and Milo soon confirmed that fact. But it was Arkin that saw the true threat: five invisible devils on the deck of the ship, scattered amongst are crew and preparing to strike. Arkin warned to rest of the crew and Milo quickly made himself invisible. Visk saved the day, using a scroll to dismiss three of the devils from the material plane. Yorak, Grok, and Arkin made short work of the remaining two in time for the flagship to refocus its efforts on the impending fleet battle.

The Viridian armada revealed itself in force, with eight full squadrons and more than fifty ships. The pirate fleet gained the upper hand initially, but the tide of the battle swiftly shifted. Another Squadron, Barracuda’s Raiders, Drale‚Äôs Eagles, Lucky Gamble Squadron, and Lost Squadron were completely destroyed, and the fate of their captains and crews is unknown. Facing near-certain defeat, Commandant Milo ordered the pirates to disengage and make for Rallu at full sail. Milo himself did his best to evacuate Tidewater Rock, but the fate of the pirates remains uncertain!



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