Wilderlands Skull and Shackles

October 5, 2016 Session

From Hell's Heart

masterofgales.jpgAfter fleeing the battle the party took stock of their situation. Arronax Endymion had been rescued, as had Tsamar Fairwind. Both came aboard for discussions, but not before the Master of Gales approached the party and apologized for not believing fully in the threat of the Viridians. The Master of Gales believed that the Viridian armada would come after Sunev next, and so he departed in a clap of thunder to prepare his home port for battle.

arronaxendymion.jpgEndymion wanted to reengage the Viridians, but the rest of the party, along with Tsamar, felt that would be a mistake without obtaining reinforcements. Endymion opined that it would take the Viridians about four days to reach Sunev, giving us some time to try convincing others to join the cause. Tsamar suggested that the party try to convince the Pirate Council again, particularly Krya the Wide.

krya.jpgThe decision was made to reach out to Krya first, and Visk scryed her on the Beckoning Nereid. Milo teleported the party to her ship and, after a tense moment, convinced her crew not to attack. Milo and Arkin explained the situation to Krya and asked for her assistance. Krya believed their tale, but was unsure whether or not she would commit to defending Sunev. She also told the party that Kerdak had called on all Free Captains to assemble in Rallu, ostensibly to discuss the threat that the party might present to his rule. Thinking that this meeting would present a good opportunity to consult with several captains, Milo teleported the party the Rallu immediately.

hardluck.jpgArriving in Rallu, the party observed more ships in the harbor and in the mooring field than they had seen during previous visits. Apparently, many pirates had shown up at Kerdak’s calling. Milo decided to start by conferring with members of the Pirate Council, first going to meet with Hardluck Valcanoos. Hardluck shared some of the party’s views on the Hurricane King and his impotent rule, was in agreement with the importance of Sunev and like the idea of the Master of Gales owing him a favor. He wouldn’t commit to joining the party in Sunev, but did state that they should consider him a friend, and not an enemy.

jolis.jpgNext, the party spoke with Captain Raffles, who was quite irritated to be in port rather than out plundering. With only a little hesitation, Raffles promised to join the assembling fleet in defense of Sunev. Kanas Lagos was next on the list, and the party met with him on the Blood Moon. Neither he, nor Sarene Bloodmourn would promise to aid the party in the defense of Sunev, but neither did they refuse.

sarene.jpgWhile meeting with Captain Bloodmourne, the party learned that Kerdak had sent out several assassins to eliminate them. Spotting their boats in the harbor, Milo controlled the water around them and capsized their vessels before teleporting directly to Sunev to meet with the Master of Gales.

Two days later, the remains of the party’s fleet arrived in Sunev, though none of the other free captains appeared. Repairs were conducted and the defense of Sunev was arranged. A few days later, the Viridian armada appeared over the horizon, making straight for Sunev.

Pierce.jpgBefore the coming naval battle, a devil appeared off the bow of the Sea Reaver, holding a while flag of truce and carrying a box, which it set down on the deck of the ship. Milo sent Cut-Throat Grok over to open the box and an enormous illusion filled the sky. The entire fleet witnessed Admiral Thrune standing over the screaming and prostrate form of Pierce Jerrell, cradling his face in apparent agony. Inside the box on the deck of the Sea Reaver laid the bloody remains of Jerrel’s only remaining eye.

The Viridians attacked!

mase.jpgThe ensuing engagement was quick and bloody. Predator squad, the Master of Gales’ ships, quickly sank a Viridian squad. Mase Darimar’s ships were nearly destroyed. Shortly into the battle, Krya the Wide appeared over the horizon, joining the fray and causing one of the Viridian squads to flee. Captain Raffles arrived next, in time to wrap up the battle and cause the remaining Viridians to flee. Just then, captains Kanos, Sarene, and Hardluck showed up, and Milo directed them to give chase before having Visk engage directly with the Viridian flagship, Muriel’s Fury.

drowningdevil.pngClosing with the Druvalia Thrune’s ship, the party prepared themselves for hand-to-hand combat. Four sea devils appeared on the deck of the Sea Reaver, but Visk banished one almost before it had a chance to move. Yorak made short work of the other three devils and then the party made to board Muriel’s Fury.

valeria.jpgMilo made himself invisible before flying onto the bow of that vessel, and cast black tentacles, entangling most of the Viridian marines onboard. Arkin cast ear-piercing scream, and made a cacophonous wall of sonic. Milo’s stinking cloud was largely ineffectual, and while his geyser hit Druvalia, she simply stayed floating above the boiling waterspout devastating the party down below with her flame strike. Visk killed a leopard companion with her blade barrier and ended the life of the armored hellknight Valeria with a destruction spell, before Arkin cast thundering drums, knocking the surviving marines prone on the deck. Milo’s tentacles choked the life from two of the marines before he rose up to confront Druvalia directly.

druvaliathrune.jpgFacing off, Milo drenched the Viridian noblewoman with his caustic acid spray. In retaliation, Thrune aimed her crossbow directly at Milo, causing devastating damage and almost causing him to fall to his death. With a final gasp, Milo crooked his finger and Druvalia Thrune and another spray of acid erupted from his hand, covering her in burning liquid and ending her life for good.


The day won, the party took stock of their situation and readied themselves for their return to Rallu.

And here’s a list of loot acquired from the Viridian flagship, Muriel’s Fury.

From the ship itself:

  • 8 points of plunder in stores, weapons, and valuables belonging to the crew
  • 5 more points of plunder from the furnishings and artwork in the captain’s cabin (which include a velvet- and silk-canopied bed, inlaid with tropical woods in red and gold; an intricately carved desk of ebony, polished to a glowing sheen; and half a dozen masterful paintings depicting dreadful tableaus of sea monsters ravaging ship and shore, juxtaposed with idealized merfolk in orgiastic revels)
  • A bejeweled golden spyglass worth 1,000 gp
  • Two masterwork alchemical silver daggers with diamond-encrusted pommels worth 750 gp each
  • A jar of _restorative ointment
  • Two (2) potions of cure serious wounds
  • 5,000 gp

From the marine officers:

  • Four (4) potions of cure moderate wounds
  • Four (4) +1 half-plate armor
  • Four (4) +1 longsword
  • Four (4) +1 boarding pike
  • Four (4) masterwork composite longbow (+4 STR)
  • 108 gp

From Hellknight Paralictor Valeria Asperixus:

  • Elixir of swimming
  • potion of cure serious wounds
  • potion of fly
  • +1 Hellknight plate
  • +1 axiomatic bardiche
  • masterwork composite longbow (+4 STR)
  • belt of giant strength +2

From Admiral Druvalia Thrune:

  • potion of bull’s strength
  • Two (2) potions of invisibility
  • Wand of cure critical wounds (20 charges)
  • +1 mithral light fortification breastplate
  • crossbow of retribution (which is a +1 human bane seeking repeating heavy crossbow with some additional abilities)
  • +1 heavy mace
  • belt of physical might +4 (Con, Dex)
  • brooch of shielding
  • headband of inspired wisdom +4
  • ring of force shield
  • robe of powerlessness
  • signet ring worth 100 gp
  • silver unholy symbol of Armadad Bog
  • spyglass


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