Wilderlands Skull and Shackles

November 9, 2016 Session

From Hell's Heart

Standing on the shore of the underground lake listening to the clanging of an alarm bell coming from the darkness beyond, the party formulated a plan. Visk cast airwalk on everyone except Milo, who was already in flight. Milo hugged the right-hand wall of the cavern, while the rest of the party walked directly across. Yorak and Arkin spotted some bones at the bottom of the pool, which immediately began stirring. An enormous skeletal dragon jetted towards the surface of the water apparently planning to engage the party.


wereshark.jpgMilo cast greater invisibility on himself and ducked behind a stone column. Visk and Ulmira continued across the pool, heading for the nearest building and breaking into it through a window. There they encountered four weresharks.

Back above the pool of water, the skeletal dragon, evidently known as Brinebones, broke through the surface of the water. But between Milo’s acidic spray and Yorak’s tremendous blow, the dragon was destroyed almost before it was able to harm the rest of the party.

riptooth.jpgThat threat dealt with, the party turned its attention to the building that Visk and Ulmira had entered. Visk watched as an even larger wereshark entered the room through a side-door, bellowing in anger. Seeing this larger wereshark as the larger threat, Milo used his aquatic telepathy to “suggest” to Captain Riptooth that one of his men was attempting to flee in a cowardly retreat. Riptooth grabbed his crewman and swung him at Visk, injuring them both.

Meanwhile, Milo created a spiked pit, into which two of the other weresharks fell. Grok focused her efforts on the only unengaged wereshark and killed him with a powerful attack. Ulmira observed the cannon golem and archers from earlier coming to the shore of the lake and, thinking quickly, fogged the area. Yorak, Visk, and Arkin focused on Riptooth himself, with Arkin landing the killing blow. The combat essentially over, Arkin and Yorak tied up the surviving weresharks and stuck them in a side-room to be dealt with later. A few valuables were found on the bodies of the weresharks, but the chest in Captain Riptooth’s room held only rum and raw fish.

After exploring the small building which apparently functioned as some sort of guard outpost, the group looked out a back window. There they saw a vast cavern lit by flickering lights attached to the ceiling. A vessel was anchored at the edge of the underground lake, apparently the Filthy Lucre herself. Pirates moved about on the ship and on the adjacent docks, and a cannon was positioned at the top of a small tower nearby.

Piscodaemon.jpgDeciding to engage the guard tower first, the party consumed invisibility potions and exited back out the way they had come. There they began moving along a wooden dock attached to the outside of the outpost when they spotted two submerged creatures with lobster-like hands and tentacle heads.

hydrodaemon.jpgBefore the party could back away, a cloud of noxious green fog enveloped them and several other aquatic monstrosities appeared. These were hydrodaemons, and they put of quite a fight, causing the party to retreat into the outpost to finish them off. Moving in to engage the original creatures (piscodaemons) proved fruitless, as Visk’s banishment failed to get rid of them. Another group of hydrodaemons appeared and was defeated, though Milo was nearly killed before the piscodaemons were destroyed. After the combat ended, the party healed up and took a moment to collect themselves.


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