Wilderlands Skull and Shackles

December 28, 2016 Session
From Hell's Heart

kerdak.jpgNo one is surprised when the party defeats the Hurricane King. Perhaps it’s surprising that a second level spell contributes so much his defeat. Regardless, it is the sword of a slayer that deals the final blow.

Afterwards, Arkin delivers the following speech to the pirate council:

arkin.jpg“Friends, Members of the Council, assembled scallywags, sailors, and above all – PIRATES!


These past several months have been unprecedented, tumultuous, and highly disruptive to regular order. I speak now in favor of bringing an end to the tumult, reestablishing regular order, and for going back to drinking rum and collecting booty!

The reign of the Pirate King has come to an end, and it is time to usher in a new reign and a new king. And while I can think of many admirable candidates (looks directly at the Master of Gales). Please allow me to briefly advocate for my friend, my captain, Captain Milo!

Captain Milo will lead the Pirate Council the way he has lead his crew, with strong visionary-leadership. With the advice of the Council Captain Milo will seek to bring in a new tide; a tide that will lift all ships for the advancement of all our fellow pirates.

Gone are the days of a king who could do nothing quite so well as protect his own rule. Gone are the days of occupying only the areas of the ocean the Viridians tolerate us to sail!

With deep respect for the old ways, the ways that brought us this far! Captain Milo will also bring fresh ideas, bold leadership, and a willingness to to try new strategies that will bring Free Captains to heights unseen in this modern world!

But, for now, enough of politics. There will be time enough to tell each other pretty lies. For now . . . THERE’S RUM TO DRINK!

Drink deeply, and be well!”

As a result of this speech, not to mention the fact that he now wears the Hurricane Crown (the best hat ever), the council proclaims Milo the new Hurricane King. Zarina declares this is what Besmara intended all along.


December 7, 2016 Session
From Hell's Heart

No writeup yet, but the picture below shows the party at the end of the session, as they prepared to board the Hurricane King’s ship, the Filthy Lucre, under cover of an obscuring mist.


November 30, 2016 Session
From Hell's Heart

No writeup from Ben yet, but the session feature a guest appearance by Shawn. Which was a good thing, since Andy couldn’t make it at the last minute. Shawn made Arkin dance a lot.

November 9, 2016 Session
From Hell's Heart

Standing on the shore of the underground lake listening to the clanging of an alarm bell coming from the darkness beyond, the party formulated a plan. Visk cast airwalk on everyone except Milo, who was already in flight. Milo hugged the right-hand wall of the cavern, while the rest of the party walked directly across. Yorak and Arkin spotted some bones at the bottom of the pool, which immediately began stirring. An enormous skeletal dragon jetted towards the surface of the water apparently planning to engage the party.


wereshark.jpgMilo cast greater invisibility on himself and ducked behind a stone column. Visk and Ulmira continued across the pool, heading for the nearest building and breaking into it through a window. There they encountered four weresharks.

Back above the pool of water, the skeletal dragon, evidently known as Brinebones, broke through the surface of the water. But between Milo’s acidic spray and Yorak’s tremendous blow, the dragon was destroyed almost before it was able to harm the rest of the party.

riptooth.jpgThat threat dealt with, the party turned its attention to the building that Visk and Ulmira had entered. Visk watched as an even larger wereshark entered the room through a side-door, bellowing in anger. Seeing this larger wereshark as the larger threat, Milo used his aquatic telepathy to “suggest” to Captain Riptooth that one of his men was attempting to flee in a cowardly retreat. Riptooth grabbed his crewman and swung him at Visk, injuring them both.

Meanwhile, Milo created a spiked pit, into which two of the other weresharks fell. Grok focused her efforts on the only unengaged wereshark and killed him with a powerful attack. Ulmira observed the cannon golem and archers from earlier coming to the shore of the lake and, thinking quickly, fogged the area. Yorak, Visk, and Arkin focused on Riptooth himself, with Arkin landing the killing blow. The combat essentially over, Arkin and Yorak tied up the surviving weresharks and stuck them in a side-room to be dealt with later. A few valuables were found on the bodies of the weresharks, but the chest in Captain Riptooth’s room held only rum and raw fish.

After exploring the small building which apparently functioned as some sort of guard outpost, the group looked out a back window. There they saw a vast cavern lit by flickering lights attached to the ceiling. A vessel was anchored at the edge of the underground lake, apparently the Filthy Lucre herself. Pirates moved about on the ship and on the adjacent docks, and a cannon was positioned at the top of a small tower nearby.

Piscodaemon.jpgDeciding to engage the guard tower first, the party consumed invisibility potions and exited back out the way they had come. There they began moving along a wooden dock attached to the outside of the outpost when they spotted two submerged creatures with lobster-like hands and tentacle heads.

hydrodaemon.jpgBefore the party could back away, a cloud of noxious green fog enveloped them and several other aquatic monstrosities appeared. These were hydrodaemons, and they put of quite a fight, causing the party to retreat into the outpost to finish them off. Moving in to engage the original creatures (piscodaemons) proved fruitless, as Visk’s banishment failed to get rid of them. Another group of hydrodaemons appeared and was defeated, though Milo was nearly killed before the piscodaemons were destroyed. After the combat ended, the party healed up and took a moment to collect themselves.

November 3, 2016 Session
From Hell's Heart

duppy.jpgHaving defeated the incorporeal spirits, the party moved back into the chamber containing the funerary/sacrificial stone slab. They briefly debated resting there for the day, to recover their strength, but ultimately concluded that it would be best to continue on. That decided, Yorak checked a set of double-doors opposite the crypt room.

draugr.jpgBeyond the doors the cave curved around a corner into a larger crypt, one flooded in one corner with a pool of dark water. While discussing the path forward, the group observed four rotting bodies emerge from the pool. The figures appeared to be the decomposing remains of pirate captains, with glowing red eyes. An obscuring mist enveloped both the living and the undead draugr, but Yorak, Grok, and Arkin still made quick work of their enemies.

After a brief search, Yorak discovered a secret door at one end of the room leading to another rough-hewn tunnel. The winding tunnel moved in the general direction of the northeast, and came to an abrupt dead-end. Arkin was able to uncover the hidden catch of a second secret door.


Peeking through, Yorak observed a large vaulted chamber with several doors. He also noticed an enormous metal contraption mounted with a canon standing in front of a pair of double-doors. Unfortunately, the canon cannon golem also observed Yorak in that same moment. With surprising rapidity, the golem turned toward the secret entrance and Yorak heard a loud “click-click” before being slammed with two cannonballs fired from the golem’s appendage. Milo began summoning while Arkin reached out to hold on to the rest of the party and opened a dimension door to the unknown chamber behind the canon cannon golem.

A canon golem would definitely be non-canon in this setting :p

piratesniper.jpgThe party split, Arkin’s group popped into being in a narrow room, a set of double-doors behind them and a set in front. They had a few seconds to observe that the walls on either side of them were lined with arrow slits before several posts popped up in the middle of the room and started swinging around a series of razor-sharp blades, injuring several party-members. This assault was almost immediately followed up by a barrage of crossbow bolts fire from behind the arrow slits. Thinking fast, Ulmira opened a hole in the left-hand wall with stoneshape, allowing the party to pass through and giving them access to the group of elf snipers firing at them.

bebilith.pngMeanwhile, Milo completed his summoning spell, bringing into being a huge bebilith directly in front of the canon cannon golem. The bebilith engaged with the golem, attacking it with its spider-like claws and fangs before Milo himself used a dimension door to join the rest of his group. Milo, too, was injured by the whirling blades and the crossbow bolts from the snipers on the other side of the hallway before making his way through the portal opened by Ulmira. Together again, the party made quick work of the now-visible snipers. Not wanting to wait for the inevitable defeat of his bebilith or the likely appearance of even more enemies, Milo ordered Arkin to use another dimension door to move the party beyond the hallway and followed them immediately.

The party now faced yet another rough-hewn tunnel descending downwards, though they could smell salt air coming from below and hear the gentle lapping of waves. Before moving down the corridor, in an effort to slow down any pursuit, Arkin used manacles to secure the doors behind them while Yorak jammed the locking mechanisms.

Coming to a small beach with a wooden pier, the tunnel itself opened up into a large sea cave rough sixty feet across and an unknown distance long. To get a better view, Arkin cast daylight on an arrow before firing it into the air. A loud bell clanged in response from somewhere in the space beyond; a surprise attack was unlikely.


October 19, 2016 Session
From Hell's Heart

Tsamar.jpgHaving defeated the Viridians, the pirates took a few hours to take stock of their situation and to restore Pierce Jerrell’s health and eyesight. A palaver was called on-board the Sea Reaver, with all free captains who had participated in the battle attending. In fact, one of the captains observed that there was a quorum of a Pirate Council in attendance. Getting down to business, Tsamar voiced her opinion that the Hurricane King, Kerdak Bonefist, had gotten too old and was no longer serving the best interests of the Free Captains. Tsamar moved for a vote of no confidence, which was unanimously supported amongst the assembled captains.

masterofgales.jpgThat business handled, the conversation turned to finding a suitable replacement for Kerdak. After consulting with his executive officers, Milo nominated the Master of Gales. Mace Darimar quickly seconded that nomination, but before a vote could be held Kanas Lagos raised his voice, asserting that to become the next Hurricane King tradition requires the individual to kill Kerdak himself. The Master of Gales himself agreed with Kanos, but Tsamar disagreed, contending that the construction of Fort Hazard made that the traditional means of regime change unreasonable. The discussion quickly descended into argumentative bickering.

arronaxendymion.jpgCutting through the war of words, Milo interrupted the assembled captains and advised that he and his executive officers would dispose of Kerdak themselves so that the discussions of who should take the crown could be held without lingering doubts of a civil war. Milo advised the council that he and his party would be leaving the Sea Reaver to the council to aid them in a naval operation to take Fort Hazard should their plan to depose Kerdak fail. With that, the impromptu council meeting adjourned, though Tsamar and Endymion stayed behind to discuss the logistics of the coming naval operation. Milo advised the two admirals to allow the assembled captains and crew to celebrate for a day before departing for Rallu. With the journey to take approximately four days, this would give Milo and his officers about five days to deal with Kerdak.

Before leaving for Rallu, the party paid the crew of the Sea Reaver double for their tremendous recent efforts. Plunder was sold and some provisions and supplies were purchased. Then, bidding their loyal crew farewell, Milo teleported the group to Ludgates for some last minute purchases and for a final night spent in peace before tackling Fort Hazard.

Very early the next morning, well before the rising of the sun, Milo teleported his group directly to Fort Hazard, blinking into being on the seaward side of a warehouse he had observed by the docks. Milo was unable to bring the entire party, so Ulmira used her plant transport. Though dark, the party was able to observe a myriad of lights in the harbor, evidence of the many ships that had assembled at the call of the Hurricane King. Clearly, a naval battle would be tragic for the Free Captains of the Shackles, and Milo resolved to himself to deal with Kerdak without such tremendous bloodshed.

Moving to the entrance of the warehouse, Yorak unlocked the door, checking for both traps and active surveillance. The door opened upon a long corridor, with three closed doors. A large office on the left had little of interest, except a tin holding four red ribbons. Another room held a great number of ledgers and scrolls documenting the various goods moving in and out of the warehouse. The third room held dozens of casks and large barrels. In this third room Yorak located a trapdoor covered by several of the casks, confirming the information the party had obtained from Captain Harrigan’s letter to the Viridians.


irongolem.jpgOff this room were two additional doors besides the once from which the group had entered. Visk and Yorak moved to the door at the opposite end of the room, while Ulmira and others began the process of moving casks. A loud squeal disturbed the silence of the warehouse as corroded hinges protested Visk’s opening of the door. This was followed immediately by a thunderous booming sound. In a panic, Yorak slammed shut the door, which only moments latter slammed open. A giant metal golem loomed in the door opening. Thinking fast, Yorak tumbled through the creature’s legs to flank the creature and attacked. Grok moved in to engage the metal monstrosity, while Arkin and Ulmira continued to move barrels to open up a route of escape. Milo’s magical abilities were utterly useless, as his efforts to affect the golem simply fizzled out without effect. It soon became apparent that this iron hulk would not be defeated easily, and when Visk finally opened the concealed trapdoor, the party quickly retreated downwards. The golem, apparently not ordered to follow intruders, went back to its guard duty.

At the bottom of the twenty-five foot shaft revealed by the opening of the trapdoor was a rough-hewn tunnel gently descending down into the depths of the island. After some minor healing, the party began moving down the corridor, descending approximately five hundred feet before coming to a room glowing with blue light. A statue of a woman dressed in outdated pirate garb adorned one wall, her hair emanating the cerulean glow. Visk recognized this as an antiquated rendition of Besmara herself, likely several hundred years old. Confirming this suspicion, a smaller adjoining room held a small bed and a bandana adorned with a gold symbol of Besmara. Visk opined that this room and its contents likely dated back to the time of the first pirate king. Visk cleaned the statue carefully and made her devotions to the goddess before the party moved on.

Opening the only other door in the room revealed a dark chamber with a darker stone slab in the center. Ancient blood stains covered the slab, which lead the party to speculate that it was either a funerary slab or a sacrificial altar. Beyond the altar were two doors, one to the left and the other to the right. Moving to the right-hand door, Yorak checked for any sort of trap. Not detecting anything, he opened the door, which gave an audible protest, as if it had not been opened in ages.

duppy.jpgAn unnatural howling emanating from the room inside answered the groaning of the door. Niches carved into the wall made it clear that this room was some type of crypt. Ethereal forms emerged from the walls, with semi-transparent canine forms swirling about their legs. The ghostly dogs began attacking the party, and even Milo’s greater invisibility couldn’t shake them. Fighting through the canine attacks, Grok and Yorak engaged the incorporeal duppies, killing two, though Visk’s wall of fire and channeling of positive energy are what finally put the remaining undead spirits to rest.


October 5, 2016 Session
From Hell's Heart

masterofgales.jpgAfter fleeing the battle the party took stock of their situation. Arronax Endymion had been rescued, as had Tsamar Fairwind. Both came aboard for discussions, but not before the Master of Gales approached the party and apologized for not believing fully in the threat of the Viridians. The Master of Gales believed that the Viridian armada would come after Sunev next, and so he departed in a clap of thunder to prepare his home port for battle.

arronaxendymion.jpgEndymion wanted to reengage the Viridians, but the rest of the party, along with Tsamar, felt that would be a mistake without obtaining reinforcements. Endymion opined that it would take the Viridians about four days to reach Sunev, giving us some time to try convincing others to join the cause. Tsamar suggested that the party try to convince the Pirate Council again, particularly Krya the Wide.

krya.jpgThe decision was made to reach out to Krya first, and Visk scryed her on the Beckoning Nereid. Milo teleported the party to her ship and, after a tense moment, convinced her crew not to attack. Milo and Arkin explained the situation to Krya and asked for her assistance. Krya believed their tale, but was unsure whether or not she would commit to defending Sunev. She also told the party that Kerdak had called on all Free Captains to assemble in Rallu, ostensibly to discuss the threat that the party might present to his rule. Thinking that this meeting would present a good opportunity to consult with several captains, Milo teleported the party the Rallu immediately.

hardluck.jpgArriving in Rallu, the party observed more ships in the harbor and in the mooring field than they had seen during previous visits. Apparently, many pirates had shown up at Kerdak’s calling. Milo decided to start by conferring with members of the Pirate Council, first going to meet with Hardluck Valcanoos. Hardluck shared some of the party’s views on the Hurricane King and his impotent rule, was in agreement with the importance of Sunev and like the idea of the Master of Gales owing him a favor. He wouldn’t commit to joining the party in Sunev, but did state that they should consider him a friend, and not an enemy.

jolis.jpgNext, the party spoke with Captain Raffles, who was quite irritated to be in port rather than out plundering. With only a little hesitation, Raffles promised to join the assembling fleet in defense of Sunev. Kanas Lagos was next on the list, and the party met with him on the Blood Moon. Neither he, nor Sarene Bloodmourn would promise to aid the party in the defense of Sunev, but neither did they refuse.

sarene.jpgWhile meeting with Captain Bloodmourne, the party learned that Kerdak had sent out several assassins to eliminate them. Spotting their boats in the harbor, Milo controlled the water around them and capsized their vessels before teleporting directly to Sunev to meet with the Master of Gales.

Two days later, the remains of the party’s fleet arrived in Sunev, though none of the other free captains appeared. Repairs were conducted and the defense of Sunev was arranged. A few days later, the Viridian armada appeared over the horizon, making straight for Sunev.

Pierce.jpgBefore the coming naval battle, a devil appeared off the bow of the Sea Reaver, holding a while flag of truce and carrying a box, which it set down on the deck of the ship. Milo sent Cut-Throat Grok over to open the box and an enormous illusion filled the sky. The entire fleet witnessed Admiral Thrune standing over the screaming and prostrate form of Pierce Jerrell, cradling his face in apparent agony. Inside the box on the deck of the Sea Reaver laid the bloody remains of Jerrel’s only remaining eye.

The Viridians attacked!

mase.jpgThe ensuing engagement was quick and bloody. Predator squad, the Master of Gales’ ships, quickly sank a Viridian squad. Mase Darimar’s ships were nearly destroyed. Shortly into the battle, Krya the Wide appeared over the horizon, joining the fray and causing one of the Viridian squads to flee. Captain Raffles arrived next, in time to wrap up the battle and cause the remaining Viridians to flee. Just then, captains Kanos, Sarene, and Hardluck showed up, and Milo directed them to give chase before having Visk engage directly with the Viridian flagship, Muriel’s Fury.

drowningdevil.pngClosing with the Druvalia Thrune’s ship, the party prepared themselves for hand-to-hand combat. Four sea devils appeared on the deck of the Sea Reaver, but Visk banished one almost before it had a chance to move. Yorak made short work of the other three devils and then the party made to board Muriel’s Fury.

valeria.jpgMilo made himself invisible before flying onto the bow of that vessel, and cast black tentacles, entangling most of the Viridian marines onboard. Arkin cast ear-piercing scream, and made a cacophonous wall of sonic. Milo’s stinking cloud was largely ineffectual, and while his geyser hit Druvalia, she simply stayed floating above the boiling waterspout devastating the party down below with her flame strike. Visk killed a leopard companion with her blade barrier and ended the life of the armored hellknight Valeria with a destruction spell, before Arkin cast thundering drums, knocking the surviving marines prone on the deck. Milo’s tentacles choked the life from two of the marines before he rose up to confront Druvalia directly.

druvaliathrune.jpgFacing off, Milo drenched the Viridian noblewoman with his caustic acid spray. In retaliation, Thrune aimed her crossbow directly at Milo, causing devastating damage and almost causing him to fall to his death. With a final gasp, Milo crooked his finger and Druvalia Thrune and another spray of acid erupted from his hand, covering her in burning liquid and ending her life for good.


The day won, the party took stock of their situation and readied themselves for their return to Rallu.

And here’s a list of loot acquired from the Viridian flagship, Muriel’s Fury.

From the ship itself:

  • 8 points of plunder in stores, weapons, and valuables belonging to the crew
  • 5 more points of plunder from the furnishings and artwork in the captain’s cabin (which include a velvet- and silk-canopied bed, inlaid with tropical woods in red and gold; an intricately carved desk of ebony, polished to a glowing sheen; and half a dozen masterful paintings depicting dreadful tableaus of sea monsters ravaging ship and shore, juxtaposed with idealized merfolk in orgiastic revels)
  • A bejeweled golden spyglass worth 1,000 gp
  • Two masterwork alchemical silver daggers with diamond-encrusted pommels worth 750 gp each
  • A jar of _restorative ointment
  • Two (2) potions of cure serious wounds
  • 5,000 gp

From the marine officers:

  • Four (4) potions of cure moderate wounds
  • Four (4) +1 half-plate armor
  • Four (4) +1 longsword
  • Four (4) +1 boarding pike
  • Four (4) masterwork composite longbow (+4 STR)
  • 108 gp

From Hellknight Paralictor Valeria Asperixus:

  • Elixir of swimming
  • potion of cure serious wounds
  • potion of fly
  • +1 Hellknight plate
  • +1 axiomatic bardiche
  • masterwork composite longbow (+4 STR)
  • belt of giant strength +2

From Admiral Druvalia Thrune:

  • potion of bull’s strength
  • Two (2) potions of invisibility
  • Wand of cure critical wounds (20 charges)
  • +1 mithral light fortification breastplate
  • crossbow of retribution (which is a +1 human bane seeking repeating heavy crossbow with some additional abilities)
  • +1 heavy mace
  • belt of physical might +4 (Con, Dex)
  • brooch of shielding
  • headband of inspired wisdom +4
  • ring of force shield
  • robe of powerlessness
  • signet ring worth 100 gp
  • silver unholy symbol of Armadad Bog
  • spyglass
September 14, 2016 Session
From Hell's Heart

Peppery_Longfarthing.jpgFinalizing preparations for the upcoming battle, Milo teleported everyone to Ludgates to buy another sailing ship, putting Peppery Longfarthing in charge of the new vessel. Arkin also worked to recruit a mercenary squad of three sailing ships, lead by Captain Terow Melk. Having heard that Sunev might also have vessels for sale the party then teleported there, buying a second ship. All vessels were directed to reconnoiter rally at Tidewater Rock for assignment to a squad and preparation for battle.

Regarding the use of “reconnoiter,” I cannot resist saying “I don’t think it means what you think it means.” Definition

magaav.jpgOn the 11th of Sunstrong, the Viridian armada was spotted on the horizon. Before the two fleets could engage, eight demons devils appeared hovering around the Sea Reaver. They attacked the crew with bows, causing panic. Visk was the first to suspect that the devils on the port side of the vessel were merely illusions, and Milo soon confirmed that fact. But it was Arkin that saw the true threat: five invisible devils on the deck of the ship, scattered amongst are crew and preparing to strike. Arkin warned to rest of the crew and Milo quickly made himself invisible. Visk saved the day, using a scroll to dismiss three of the devils from the material plane. Yorak, Grok, and Arkin made short work of the remaining two in time for the flagship to refocus its efforts on the impending fleet battle.

The Viridian armada revealed itself in force, with eight full squadrons and more than fifty ships. The pirate fleet gained the upper hand initially, but the tide of the battle swiftly shifted. Another Squadron, Barracuda’s Raiders, Drale’s Eagles, Lucky Gamble Squadron, and Lost Squadron were completely destroyed, and the fate of their captains and crews is unknown. Facing near-certain defeat, Commandant Milo ordered the pirates to disengage and make for Rallu at full sail. Milo himself did his best to evacuate Tidewater Rock, but the fate of the pirates remains uncertain!


August 24, 2016 Session
From Hell's Heart


Part One: The Viridian Armada

While preparing to leave Reptile Island the party took stock of its current situation. Having killed Harrigan the evening before, today was the 11th day of the month of Warmshade. The paperwork recovered in Harrigan’s fort indicated that the Viridian fleet would be gathering at Greenwax in approximately eleven days. From there, the paperwork revealed, they would move to attack Tidewater Rock, arriving there about ten days later. After taking Tidewater Rock they were to move on to Rallu, arriving there fourteen days after leaving Tidewater Rock. The party recognized that this timeframe was somewhat nebulous and might not even be accurate, but it was all they had to work with.

Cutthroat_Grok_head.jpgVisk took some time to fully heal our newly recovered shipmates, Peppery Longfarthing, Stitchman Quarne, and Cut-throat Grok. The last of these, Cut-throat Grok, agreed to join Milo in his adventures as his personal bodyguard.

Tsamar.jpgTime being of the essence, Milo proposed to teleport the entire party to Rallu. All agreed, Milo uttered a single word and the party vanished from the Sea Reaver and appeared on the street in front of Tsamar Fairwind’s townhouse in Rallu. Knocking on the door, they were greeted by a servant who explained that Tsamar was indeed in residence. The party was escorted to her sitting room, where they were received with a warm welcome. Milo and the other shared their story with Tsamar and showed her the evidence they had recovered about Harrigan’s agreement with the Viridians and their impending naval assault. Tsamar was unsurprised, and expressed a sincere desire to help us in any way that she could. She noted that she had been warning the Pirate Council about Viridian plots of several years now. They all decided to go to Tsadok Goldtooth, the Hurricane King’s first-mate, and request that an emergency meeting of the Council be called.

tsadok1.jpgTsamar and the party met with Tsadok at the entrance to Fort Hazard, and showed him the first of Harrigan’s letters, which discussed the agreement between Harrigan and Admiral Thrune, and outlined the timeline for their attacks on Tidewater Rock and Rallu. They withheld the second letter, which discussed the existence of a secret entrance into Fort Hazard. Tsadok agreed to call an emergency council meeting, which was to be held on the 15th of Warmshade, four days hence.

With their urgent business completed and a four day wait ahead, the party decided to do some long-delayed shopping and take care of several other matters. They sold much of their loot and divided the proceeds among the party (each party member (4) gets 51,575.5 gp). Their shopping done, Milo teleported the party to the Isle of Empty Eyes to prepare their own fleet for the inevitable confrontation with the Viridians.

Agasta_Smythee.jpgArriving on the Isle, they were greeted by Ubeck and Ederleigh, who they had put in charge before they departed for Reptile Island. They were advised on the situation and told to spread word to the fleet to prepare for departure after a course of action was determined at the Council meeting. The party also went and spoke with Lady Agastee Smythee, who, along with Knuckles Grype, had been pirating aboard the Gypsy Danger. Milo advised her that Tidewater Rock, her ancestral home, was in the path of the Viridian fleet’s attack plan. She was initially distraught, but appeared reassured after Milo promised they would do everything they could rally the Pirate Council to defend the Rock.

Caulky_Taroon_3.jpgTheir allies warned, the group decided that it was time to lay the groundwork for intelligence gathering on the Viridian fleet. It was decided that ”Caulky” Tarroon was best situated for that mission based on the previous role she played in Harrigan’s “recruitment methods.” Caulky was given a potion of invisibility, an elixir of hiding and 50 gold pieces for expenses. She was to gather as much intelligence as she could on the composition and activities of the Viridian fleet and report it to Visk every sunset via sending. The details set, Visk scryed on a known fisherman in Greenwax, allowing Milo some passing familiarity with the town. In the middle of the night, Milo teleported both Caulky and himself to the docks of Greenwax, with only a minor detour for a quick saltwater bath. Caulky set off, and Milo returned to the Sea Reaver.

The quick saltwater bath was really a missed teleport that landed them in the ocean. Very funny.

glibrok.jpgThe next morning, the start of the 13th day of Warmshade, the party decided to deal with their erstwhile enemy and prisoner, Gilbrok the Tongue. During the invasion of Harrigan’s fortress, the party had taken Gilbrok prisoner after he made repeated attempts to escape. To Visk’s surprise, Gilbrok now begged for mercy. He told the party how he had been rescued from cannibals by Harrigan and had been given a place to live. Gilbrok eagerly accepted the party’s offer of a tower to live in on the Isle of Empty Eyes in exchange for his services. The party even agreed to pay for the material components needed for Gilbrok to replace his familiar, which Milo had killed. To that end, Milo once again teleported the party to Rallu, where Gilbrok spent the afternoon gathering materials (-6500 gp).

royster.jpgOnce Gilbrok had completed his shopping Milo teleported everyone to Tidewater Rock, where it was decided Gilbrok would reside until after the battle with the Viridian fleet. This required some fast-talking with Royster McCleagh, who was no fan of savage warlocks inhabiting the keep there. Arkin managed to convince Royster that it was in his interest if he wanted to island defended, however.

The four days until the Council meeting nearly expired, Milo teleported himself and his officers back to Rallu. The engaged in a night of revelry and whoring, and woke on the morning of the 15th of Warmshade with blaring headaches. Thankfully, the Council meeting was not to be held until later that afternoon.

Gathering in the Council chamber, Milo sidled up to the Master of Gales and tipped him off about the topic of the coming proceedings. While grateful for the warning, the Master of Gales would not commit himself to support the party’s cause at that time.

arronaxendymion.jpgTsadok called the meeting to order and Kerdak entered the chamber, standing on his private balcony, tankard of rum in-hand. Milo and his officers told their tale and presented the evidence of Harrigan’s treachery. Arronax Endymion had a somewhat smug grin on his face when Harrigan was revealed as the traitor, vindicated from all suspicion. Tsadok read Harrigan’s letter aloud, though there were some snickers from the audience balcony at his outrageous lisp. Afterward, Tsamar Fairwind spoke in our favor, recollecting her own entreaties to the Council regarding a potential Viridian plot.

kerdak.jpgKerdak, the Hurricane King, was dismissive. He stated that he remained unconvinced that there was a true Viridian threat, and that even if the Viridians did intend to attack, how would they get to Rallu without Harrigan’s assistance now that he was dead. Arkin’s cajoling and appeals to solidarity notwithstanding, the party’s requests for assistance to meet the Viridian fleet at Tidewater Rock were rejected by Kerdak and Tsadok. Tsadok said that even if there was a threat, the Council should wait until the Viridians had attacked Tidewater Rock to consider any action. With that, Kerdak dismissed the meeting and walked out.

Tsadok also made a pretty cogent argument that the timeline outlined in the letters didn’t make sense. Even as poor sailors, the Viridians should not take nearly that long to sail from point to point, suggesting the whole thing could be a hoax.

krya.jpgImmediately following Kerdak’s departure Arkin vocally questioned the point of a Council when it would not agree to defend against such a threat. He proposed a vote even in the absence of the Hurricane King. Arronax Endymion vocally supported the cause and Arkin proposed that they organize a “coalition of the willing.” Milo attempted to persuade Krya the Wide to join the colation. She observed that while she was disappointed by the lack of leadership in the Council, she had her own captains to worry about and would not join the fight. Likewise, Visk was unable to persuade Kanos Lagos or Sarene Bloodmourn to join the coalition, despite her allusions to the potential for great booty to be taken.

masterofgales.jpgIn the end, the only ones to support Milo and his crew were Arronax Endymion and Tsamar Fairwind. They felt that the Hurricane King had become a coward and committed their naval squadrons to the fight. The Master of Gales agreed that the Hurricane King was ineffective as a leader, but was not willing to commit his own forces. Instead, he declared that would leave Mase Darimar to defend Sunev and would sail with us personally aboard the Sea Reaver.

Following the meeting, and after discussing the matter with Arronax Endymion, Visk and Arkin realized that it was possible that the Viridian fleet might have powerful wizards that were capable of scrying to learn about any plans to counter their attack. Visk used a screen to defend against any scrying, instead portraying increasing division amongst the pirate council and free captains.

Endymion, Tsamar, and the Master of Gales set sail immediately for Tidewater Rock. Milo teleported the party to Reptile Island, where they too set sail for Tidewater Rock, departing on the 16th of Warmshade. Five days later, on the 1st of Sunstrong, Caulky reported to Visk that a Viridian fleet of eight squadrons and approximately fifty ships had assembled in the harbor of Greenwax and looked ready to depart the next day.


August 10, 2016 Session
The Price of Infamy

Barnabas_Harrigan_head.jpgHaving defeated Harrigan and the erinyes, the party proceeded to explore the rest of the keep. Yorak took lead, descending a set of stairs to the lower level. As he approached the foot of the stairway he heard a loud insect-like chittering sound. At the bottom, he observed a store-room full of plunder, along with a huge demonic spider-like creature.

Derghodaemon.jpgThe creature must have spotted Yorak, for the chittering rose to a cacophonous roar, nearly erasing thought. Swarms of wasps appeared as if from nowhere, and the rest of the party rushed down to engage the creature. Milo killed several swarms with his acidic spray, while Arkin’s thunderous drums injured the others. Yorak was nearly killed, but for the timely intervention and healing of Visk. Milo’s acid seemed incapable of harming the creature, but kept the continuously-summoned swarms of wasps and bats at bay. The outcome appeared bleak, when Milo desperately created a spiked pit, into which the creature fell. From their vantage point far above the creature, the party was able to finally defeat it.

scrag.jpgIn exploring the surrounding rooms Milo triggered a trap and was injured. Just then, the party spotted an enormous eye peering through one of the embrasures. A sea troll bellowed at the party, and then charged for the door. Knocking down the door, the party realized that it was not just one sea troll, but four! Milo’s spiked pit blocked the door, stopping more than one of the trolls from entering the room. His acidic spray severely injured the first troll, which Visk finished off with a mighty blow. The remaining trolls attempted to leap across the pit, but tumbled down to the bottom. Arkin, Yorak, and Visk, with the advantage of high ground, attacked the trapped trolls and made quick work of them. During combat, a lone pirate appeared and shot at the party, but he was slaughtered by swift strikes from Visk, Yorak, and Milo.

glibrok.jpgOutside, the party heard the sounds of the remaining smugglers fleeing the fortress. Now abandoned, the party searched at their leisure. They recovered Gilbrok the Tongue and his books and charts, papers outlining the plan to attack the Isle of Empty Eyes and various other treasures. When the party entered a cave underneath the keep, the encountered a jail cell housing two familiar souls. Peppery Longfarthing and Stitchman Quarne had evidently earned Harrigan’s displeasure. Peppery had had her hands amputed, her eyes put out and her tongue cut from her mouth. Stitchman had a missing foot and only one eye left. He relayed his tale, telling the party that Peppery had tried to advise Harrigan and that it had gone very badly. He also told us how Harrigan had been captured by the Viridians and turned.

Cutthroat_Grok.jpgMoving towards the keep’s exit, we came to a grisly torture chamber. There, we found the catatonic remains of Cut-Throat Grok, the Wormwood’s former quartermaster. Grok was in a bad way. Harrigan had amputated her arms, ears, legs and nose and while alive, she was entirely unresponsive.

The party resolved to take on the torture victims and make for Rallu immediately.


  • 12 plunder
  • 6500 gp
  • (-5 potions of invisibility)
  • (-2 alchemist fire)
  • Gilbrok’s books & charts
  • Jeweled dagger (800 gp)
  • 4000 gp in footlockers
  • 8x MW handaxes (large)
  • 4x amulet of natural armor +2
  • +2 magic studded leather armor
  • +1 magic short sword
  • +1 cloak of resistance
  • +2 magic whip
  • MW scourge
  • 10x acid flask
  • 6x branding irons
  • 8x MW manacles
  • Case of candles
  • MW bone chisels (350 gp)
  • Adamantine needles (500 gp)
  • 15x potion CLW

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