In the Wilderlands of High Fantasy, on the southern tip of the Isle of the Blest, just south of the Fingers of Oricha, sits Rallu, City-State of the Sea Kings. Rallu was founded 1,100 years ago by Thellagon the Mariner and a group of travelers from the north. These travelers—all mighty mariners claiming descent from the ship captains of the Kingdom of Kelnore—selected the location because of its convenience to the shipping lanes used by the northern City-States and trade consortiums. The settlement rapidly became a base for piracy, as Thellagon and his descendents sallied forth to plunder the fat merchant vessels of the other civilizations. These “Sea Kings,” as they came to be known, built Rallu into a center of wealth and debauchery. The pirate port found itself free from retribution thanks to the treacherous reefs surrounding the Isle of the Blest and because the hereditary rulers kept the city’s exact location secret from outsiders.

Some 200 years ago, Thellagon’s descendent Forgon the Foolish proposed revealing the location of the port to the outside world and converting Rallu’s primary industry into legitimate commerce. He was promptly assassinated by his advisors and vassals, all of them pirate lords with much to lose from Forgon’s proposal. Since then, the Sea King has been selected not by birthright, but by acclamation of the Council of Free Captains—a brotherhood of the pirate lords of Rallu. The current Sea King is Kerdak Bonefist, known as the Hurricane King. He is the 13th since the assassination of Forgon and has enjoyed nearly four decades of rule. During his reign, he has led the Free Captains to unprecedented success in piracy and unquestioned rule of the crucial sea lanes along the Fingers of Oricha. The other great City-States of the Wilderlands would like nothing more than to end the pirate menace posed by the Free Captains and their Sea King once and for all.

Into this situation come a group of plucky upstart pirates. Their goal: to carve their names on the ever-changing sea with a saber of terror and triumph, fight for plunder, fame, and glory, and earn their place among the legends of the sea.

Wilderlands Skull and Shackles

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