Cyrus Wolfe's Treasure

Early in their pirate careers, the PCs encountered and killed Isabella “Inkskin” Locke, who had the following map tattooed on her back:


Upon seeing the map, Ambrose “Fishguts” Kroop told them the following tale, explaining its possible significance:

Isabella Locke was formerly the personal slave of the infamous Karak pirate Soshimira, who subjected her to his every cruel whim, including the defacement of her flesh with crude tattoos and having all of her teeth knocked out with a cobbler’s hammer. Soshimira, in turn, was the protégé of the even more infamous Free Captain Cyrus Wolfe, a black-hearted rogue with an even blacker gift for the dark arts. In his day, Wolfe was offered the Hurricane Crown by his fellow Free Captains, but it is said that he simply laughed in their faces.

After 3 decades of terrorizing the shipping lanes, Captain Wolfe made his biggest haul ever when he surprised a convoy of Viridian treasure ships. It is believed that Wolfe divided up his treasure and hid it in several different sites, but the locations of most of them have been lost to time. However, one name has stayed at the forefront of maritime legend as the location of his spoils—Mancatcher Cove.

To dispose of the most valuable portion of his plunder, Captain Wolfe selected an uncharted island somewhere in the Shackles—an island covered in dense jungle and surrounded by forbidding cliffs save for one cove said to be so deep that it descended all the way to the pits of Hell. There Wolfe hid his treasure, reputedly using his sorcerous powers to reach down into the very heart of Hell to summon forth a guardian beast to crush any ships that dared anchor in the cove. Before departing, Captain Wolfe made a map of the island and the location of his treasure. However, less than a year later he was captured by a flotilla of ships commissioned by the Green Emperor of Viridistan. Even under torture (see note below*), Wolfe refused to divulge the location of his ill-gotten treasure, and so he was hung from a gibbet over the harbor of Viridistan, where his bones were picked clean by gulls and crows.

Since then many of Captain Wolfe’s treasure troves have been located and looted, and copies of his map of Mancatcher Cove have likewise managed to find their way into the hands of fortune seekers. However, unlike at Wolfe’s other caches that were looted, those few ships that came to Mancatcher Cove in search of the fabled treasure were never seen again—victims, it was whispered, of the Beast of Mancatcher Cove. In time, the last few copies of Wolfe’s map were lost, and the hunt for the greatest hoard of Captain Wolfe’s treasure subsided, leaving little more than an old sea dog’s legend.

Note *: The torture included the removal of one of his eyes, which was sent back to Rallu as a warning to his fellow Free Captains. Exactly like in the Sons of Anarchy episode that aired just prior to the session:

Cyrus Wolfe's Treasure

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