Chaotic Neutral Amazon Warpriest of Besmara


Played by Shawn


Her guard duty assignment over, Euryleia set sail for home. Having found a suitable male for breeding, she was now eight months pregnant. She felt her daughter stir within her as she stood against the rails. She noticed clouds rolling in. One to the crew came by, instructing all the mercenary troop below, warning the storm would be a big one. The ship pitched and rolled in the violent storm. As lightning struck the main mast, she felt the labor pains begin. It was too early! The labor was difficult, but her sisters were there, encouraging her and holding her steady as the ship was tossed about. They all feared the ship was lost. With one last mighty push, the child was born. A girl, thank the gods. With the first cry of the child, the seas calmed and the stormed passed. A coincidence of course. She named her Telepyleia, meaning far sailing.

Following in the footsteps of her mother, Telepyleia entered into martial training. She was a quick study, rapidly mastering nearly every weapon they put in her hand. However, she found her hand gravitating to the rapier, an unlikely weapon for an Amazon mercenary. With this weapon in hand, she could best almost any of her fellow students. But she began to feel restless in her studies. She soon began rebelling against her teachers and their strict discipline. She found herself instigating fights, pulling pranks, and sneaking of into the night to the shoreline to sit listen to the waves crash upon the beach.

She had grown in prowess and in beauty and she knew she wanted something more, but could not put her finger on what. Out of respect for her mother and her heritage, she continued her training. One restless evening, she skipped her lessons and left to watch the sunset over the water. As she watched, she saw a group of birds gathering in the sky. They began an intricate dance in the sky, weaving about and from strange patterns in the sky. They began to move down the shoreline, pulling her along as if in a trance. When she finally came to a stop, the birds had gone and she found herself standing in front of ships figurehead half buried in the sand of a rocky cove. The wood carving was of a young beautiful woman with flowing hair, and penetrating eyes. As she reached out to touch the carving, the world around her faded and she saw herself, standing on the deck of a glorious ship. Instinctively, she knew it was hers, and no one dared tell her what she could do, where she could go, or what she could take for herself. The hold behind her overflowed with gold, jewels and other treasures.

She heard a voice saying, “Carve your name on the ever-changing sea with a saber of terror and triumph. Fight for plunder, fame, and glory, and earn your place among the legends of the sea.”

She awoke know the blessing of Besmara, knowing her time here was done. She set off for home for the last time, to say goodbye to her mother and then off to make her dream a reality.

She made her way to Rallu hoping to sign on with a pirate crew. She found herself at a tavern, the Formidably Maid, hoping to escape the leers of the useless males. She knew she would have to tolerate them when she signed on. But not tonight. The food was cheap, and the drink was tolerable. She was not sure how many drinks she had, but they quickly went to her head and she passed out on the table, the vision of Besmara beckoning her on.


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